TFTN has received questions and enquiries as to why did we name our society, ‘Teach For The Needs’ and not ‘Teach For The Needy’ or something else. TFTN team has discussed on this matter and we have arrived to a conclusion. That is, the most suitable name for this movement is ‘Teach For The Needs’. It is to be understood that TFTN’s aim is to address the issue of education inequality which has happened, is happening and will continue to happen in Malaysia if nothing is done by us. Therefore our core project is the movement of young and qualified teachers (Duta TFTN) who are teaching in schools all over Malaysia, to identify the less fortunate, less academically-inclined pupils and orphans in their respective schools and then to start a weekly class for these children. From here, came the word ‘Teach’ in our name because that is what we do, we teach!

However, the next question is why do we teach? We teach not only for the purpose of helping the less-fortunate children. We teach for something else too, something bigger which will affect the perception of people on the issue of education inequality in Malaysia. In TFTN, we teach for 3 purposes:

  1. To provide chances and opportunities for the less-fortunate children to have free tuition classes while at the same time trying to fulfil their emotional needs by building relationship with them. Often, these children are burdened by problems we cannot imagine to have at such young age.
  2. To provide training and opportunities for TFTN’s young teachers and volunteers to develop their skills, confidence and the heart to help those in needs without expecting any return. We believe one of the reasons for education inequality in Malaysia is over-commercialised education which in the end leaving behind those who cannot afford to pay for it.
  3. To challenge the stereotype by our society which tend to believe that weaker and less-fortunate children have less chances to be successful while at the same time aiming to become a platform where everyone who wants to see improvement in Malaysian education can join in to be a part of our TFTN movement. TFTN believes many Malaysians want to help towards education empowerment so let us be the platform!

Lastly, TFTN teaches because we believe that to address the matter of education inequality, it takes more than just to teach the children in need. In order to find the solution to this issue, we, the Malaysian community needs to move and challenge our very own stereotype and thus becoming a community which will give and support each other’s development without expecting any return from it. Thus, for this purpose, TFTN was founded.