I first met them during my first-year degree at UM and the memory is still vivid in my mind. The moment
I met them, I knew this wouldn’t be my last visit. From once a month to a weekly session and sometimes
I even came twice a week! From a regular volunteer to an active volunteer and I became more attached
to them.

TFTNPJ became my platform to understand and be one part of the movement of inequality in education,
especially among underprivileged kids. I started with academic tutoring sessions, specifically
Mathematics and Science for the secondary kids. As months pass by, the topic of our conversation was
not only on academics but beyond that. The Superheroes talk about their days at school,
about their classmates, they won medals for their football matches, and many more. After that, I realized
that TFTNPJ has become one of their support systems and each of them has so much potential hidden

Knowing that, TFTNPJ’s core team slowly started to introduce a new module, which focuses on the
enhancement of their soft skills and develop the volunteers as an agent for mental support. Our
Superheroes enjoy every session where they first being forced to talk in front of the people and now
some of them are the leader of clubs at school. Besides that, we want to strengthen the bonding between our
Superheroes so that they can become a support system for each other at the hostel. Boys being boys.
The younger kids sometimes told us ‘Abang-abang’ asked them to iron their clothes or make milo for them.
And we will then have a small talk with the secondary kids on this bully thingy. As usual, their answer is
“Saja nak bergurau kak”.

I have so many stories to write about them, but this time around I would like to share two big lessons that
I always ‘whisper’ to the kids and myself. The first one is, “Excel in your academic is not the only thing,
but having a good attitude is everything”. There were so many things you have yet to explore, and it can
be achieved if you bring along your good attitude. Next, “Always contribute back to the society”. Mingle
around with your community to understand their needs, participate as a volunteer when there’s an
opportunity, or maybe as simple as sharing the donation poster to your social media. We never knew
how small deeds can change someone’s life.

Up until here, I think now you have the picture of why I call them my Superheroes. They were my
painkillers when I was sick with the negativity in our society, my stress-relief when I was
juggling between my studies and my other commitments in university, my cup of comfort
when I need someone to rant about how tired I was with life, and who would have thought that the small kids
can be my part-time counselors. Age is not the indicator, but what matters most is having a
good heart.

I’m grateful and blessed for the opportunity to serve as a volunteer for the past five years. (How fast
time flies!). It’s not the kids being clingy to us, but I’m being clingy to them. What more can I ask when
the Superheroes have painted sooo many colors along my undergraduate journey. I missed our
volunteering session with the kids and the volunteers! Let’s pray the pandemic ends very soon and we
all can back to our normal, routine life.

To my dearest Superheroes, I hope each of you grows up as a stronger and wiser man to face the world.
May Allah always protect them and all of us!

So, what power does your Superhero have?