Sharing petikan dari M Fethullah Gulen “Muhammad The Messenger of God”.

One Hadith recorded by Bukhari and Muslim calls educators to re-evaluate their methods: “Human beings are like ores containing silver or gold. Those who are promising and in leading positions in unbelief are better than others (in virtue) when they accept Islam and acquire a good understanding of it”. This hadith is very significant, especially with respect to education, which demands the imparting of insight and perceptiveness. The Prophet said :”This is my way: I call unto God with insight and sure knowledge, I and those who follow me (12:108)

Insight implies knowing each individual’s character, potential, and shortcomings. Human beings are not alike in character, capacity, ambition and taste. For example, they can be said to “contain coal, copper, silver, gold, and diamonds.” The first step in providing a good education is to recognize individual potentialities and figure out how to develop them. Just as you cannot obtain gold from a coal mine, you cannot develop “copper” people into “gold” people. Conversely, if you try to extract copper via the gold-ore extraction method, your effort will be fruitless.

(Nabi dah lama cakap jangan buat sistem pendidikan straight A..)