Our engagement with the children are long term and we plan activities throughout the year depending on the donations by public. The more donations we get, the more activities we can have with our children.

Our team members and tutors are volunteers. Hence, the funds and donations received go directly to the programmes and activities with the children. Every cent counts.

Help us to ensure that our children get equal exposures and opportunities as other children.

*By donating, you have ensured the money donated is from a legitimate source. Teach for the Needs (Malaysia) Berhad is not be held responsible on the money received from donation. The operations of the organisation will also not be influenced by any donors, unless mutually agreed with a signed document. Kindly contact us if you require us to issue a receipt.

Are you passionate about making positive changes in the society through education and engaging with underprivileged children? Do you wish to support our cause other than in monetary?

We are always on the look out for passionate individuals to be part of us, either by becoming a committee member or volunteer tutor. Committee members are given specific roles to lead in order to ensure the sustainability of the organisation by developing and maintaining seamless processes and systems. On the other hand, volunteer tutors focus on tutoring our children and assist in conducting programmes.

If you are a group from companies, universities, or any organisations who wish to work with us on a certain project with our children, feel free to reach out to us!

If you need us to issue a receipt for your organisation, or would like to propose a programme or project, or just need more clarification on how we can work together, our team will always be ready to assist you!